Save Money on Sports Nutrition With JackedPack Special Offer: Double Samples and a Free Shaker Cup!

How it Works:

The sports nutrition industry has absolutely exploded in recent years. It seems like almost everybody has a supplement line these days. Rather than a few, well-formulated and effective brands, consumers today are faced with thousands of choices. As a result of this boom in supplement brands, there is a massive amount of confusion for people new to supplements. Since sports nutrition doesn’t come cheap, a confused consumer loses big in the gym and the bank. In order to combat the confusion, JackedPack offers supplement samples to its subscribers at a fraction of the cost. As a subscriber, you get to try supplements before you buy them, which can save you thousands. As an added bonus, you’ll receive double the samples and a free shaker cup automatically with your first order after you register.

Approximate Cost

Plans start at approximately $11.50 per month.

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